Priorities of the Chief Sales Officer

Sales executives are facing higher customer expectations and an ever-changing selling environment.  In this interview with 1to1 Magazine, sales executives outlined their priorities and the hurdles they need to overcome to continue growing sales.  In random order, they are:


  • Increase revenue (no surprise)
  • Inspire employees and build employee engagement
  • Grow market share
  • Identify opportunities to get more from people assets
  • Listen to customers and pay attention to what they want
  • Increase customer lifetime value and margin per customer
  • Align with customers


  • Employee recruiting and retention
  • Employee training and motivation
  • Clarity of information
  • Constantly changing environment requires making plans quickly
  • Eliminating silos
  • Not having enough client-facing time
  • Lack of resources


  • Align companies so that departments work together rather than compete with each other
  • Align sales with marketing and IT
  • Partner with third-party organization to help drive sales

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