Seven Tips for Attracting/Retaining the Best Salespeople

Companies that attract and retain the best sales people do some things similarly:

  1. The executive team demonstrates their high regard for the sales and marketing profession.  Sales and marketing executives are at the “strategy” table.  Executives seek out their opinions and perspective.  They actively join the selling team.
  2. The company focuses on great communications.  They link the sales and marketing strategy to the business strategy.  They set goals and execution expectations of how to achieve them. They update progress in a crisp timely fashion.
  3. They give their sales people the autonomy to do their job.  They articulate the "boundaries" and let them operate within them.
  4. They invest in their sales people with essential tools, resources and training to excel.  These investments have reciprocal expectations…”This is how we do our jobs here.”
  5. They have solutions that are attractive to their markets.  Their brand is well respected.  They innovate with and for clients.  They reliably service the solution after the sale.
  6. They recognize and reward performance. They compensate at or better than their  competitive peers.  They  publicly recognize role model behavior and outcomes.
  7. They make roles and expectations clear and accountable.  They have visibility to career paths They have performance reviews.  Performance is rewarded.  Lack of performance is remediated.