Are You a Closer?

Hollywood movies have depicted “the close” as a salesman, devoid of conscience, using guile and deception to manipulate his clueless customer into signing an agreement that will end badly for him. His manta...“A...B...C...Always Be Closing!” Thankfully, the real world of closing in a B2B environment is very different. Closing is yet another conversation in a series of conversations with your customer that puts the solution to his problem in motion. It is a natural next step in the selling process. You have already established the need, the fit, and the value of your solution. The next logical thing for the customer to do is to buy. So let’s close! How Come Salespeople Have Difficulty Closi

Maintaining and Leveraging Trust-Based Relationships

Trust takes time, effort, and repetition to build and sustain. Evidence of consistent behavior built on the best interest of the other party will allow each to succeed. Open and honest communications by both parties as to strengths, weaknesses, measures of value, and expected successes are required to sustain trust. Sellers need not always acquiesce their positions to buyers, but without trust, their position will be dramatically weakened. Once you have “relationship traction” where trust is a component, the seller must intensify his or her focus on consistent behavior and predictable open communications. These efforts will allow for the development of strengthened positions, access to key i


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