Making Remote Customer Meetings Impactful

How do we stay connected with our customers and maintain sales and project momentum in the current environment? In the past month, much has changed as to how we conduct business. Buyers and sellers are both challenged with performing their roles exclusively via phone calls and audio/video conferences. We think we would all agree that this is a lot different. At CPS, we’ve found that remote and face-to-face meetings can be very different, and we’ve identified some quick best practices that can make remote meetings more effective. Best Practices for Remote and Face-to-Face Meetings Schedule your appointments – don’t count on “catching” your customer with a phone call Send the agenda and materi

What's in Your Elevator Pitch?

How would you describe your business if you met your dream customer in an elevator and you only had the time it takes to get from the top floor to the bottom? A brief but compelling story will get you started…. but it needs to be intentional if you expect it to have legs and merit further exploration. What is an Elevator Pitch? The elevator pitch highlights the most important points from your value proposition. It’s a 1-2 minute story that is designed to spark interest in your solution. The best possible response you can hear is “tell me more” or “that sounds interesting.” What Makes a Good Elevator Pitch? Fundamentally, you can think of it this way. What kind of problem do you address? How


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