We develop
your team to the highest level

Critical Path Strategies' client-customized sales training provides the processes, strategies,
and skills needed to sell the value of your solution throughout the sales cycle, and
increase sales effectiveness at all levels of your organization.

Based on best practices among leading sales organizations, our sales methodology and analytical tools are
incorporated into practical training that encourages internal collaboration on sales opportunities, generates
customer-focused sales strategies, and up-levels critical skills for sales effectiveness. We support our offerings with
coaching for sales leaders and teams to ensure that training principles evolve into sustainable performance.


We deliver sales training in a way that best suits your environment and culture—workshop facilitation, sales kickoff
meetings, train-the-trainers, e-learning. The end product is the same. Your sales teams are equipped to align the
value of your solutions to customer needs, build high-value relationships, expand opportunities, and increase revenues.

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